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Grooving Sale • Grooving Sale 

Barn Floor Grooving Services


Cement grooving is a way to save your cows from slipping and falling, and is considerably more cost-effective, and longer-lasting than the rubber mat alternative. Grooving is the most effective and affordable service you can provide your cows from slipping or falling.

Davidson Cement Grooving has the know-how to groove existing concrete or newly poured concrete. We recommend a diagonal or a diamond pattern which allows for better footing in any direction of movement. If you already have grooves, we can diagonally over them to give your

cows’ better footing.


Grooving your barn cement will also improve your herds ability to reproduce easier, and more fluid.

Our grooves give the heifer or cow the grip needed to stand firm in the reproduction

process with the bull.

Our grooves are permanent - not like sand, scarifying, or scrabbling. Sand can be an ongoing expense. Scarifying and scrabbling wear down from cleaning equipment and will need to be repeated frequently.


Depending on the hardness of the concrete, the grooves will last up to 10 years and sometimes longer. The more even/flat surface of the concrete and grooves are also better for the bottom of the cow's feet compared to rough concrete. If you’re planning a new barn or addition, Davidson Cement Grooving will work with your concrete contractor to assure your job is done promptly and have

the right groove pattern needed.


Any Size Farm

Our experienced technicians use custom-made machines that cut with industry-leading efficiency and precision. We use diamond blades, as they leave a clean-cut edge and do not compromise the strength of the concrete. We can groove on slats, alleys, outdoor lots, holding areas, walkways, stalls, and much more. While we specialize in dairy and livestock barns, concrete grooving can be used to provide traction on any concrete surface.

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