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Our History

In 1982, Richard Davidson, started Davidson Hoof Trimming, INC., by visiting many of his farmer friends in the thumb area of Michigan, he began to recognize a need for safer walking conditions for the cows. Cement grooving was new to the industry at the time, and many of his farmers asked him of his ability to groove concrete and in 1987, Davidson Cement Grooving, INC. was birthed. Richard Davidson is now partially retired and his son Richard Jr. is now the Lead Foreman.


Our main concrete construction services locations; New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota. We will estimate any job outside of our usual areas as we travel the full United States.

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Staying ahead of the competition is important in any industry. That is why Davidson Cement Grooving, INC. makes it part of our policy and business ethics that our staff never stops learning. Courses, certificates or research: if there is a new development in the industry then we want to make sure that our clients can depend on us to make that development available to them.

Davidson Cement Grooving, INC. prides itself on being the go-to choice for clients who want to know what the current industry can offer.




Our business is our livelihood but it is also so much more. Davidson Cement Grooving, INC. was started to fill in a void in the current market and to make a business that the people can place their trust in. Over the years we have never lost our commitment to our clients and that is what has allowed us to succeed in a very competitive industry. We stand committed to our purpose as well as to the people.

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