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Straight Cut.jpg

On flush lanes that are slick on the surface between the poured grooves, we take 1/16-1/8” to get just below the surface to leave a textured finish. Works best on alleys that are always flushed. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call Davidson Cement Grooving at 800-365-3361 anytime. Our owner, or lead foreman are waiting to answer.


Angle Grooving
Angle - Tractor Pattern.jpg

Whether we are working on a freshly poured floor or one with existing grooves, Davidson Cement Grooving “grooves” at an angle over the floated grooves, using our diamonds blades to give the original grooves a sharp 90 degree edge that helps protect the cows by enabling them to easily move in any direction, while allowing the farmer to scrape the floor clean without hitting the grooves.

Davidson Cement Grooving, in business for over 35 years. We specialize in agriculture concrete and cement grooving services. We service both goat, dairy, cow, and beef cattle farms. Barn Alleys, Free Stalls, Barn Yards, Holding Areas. Specializing in Diamond Pattern, and Diagonal Grooves.

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